Representative Technologies

Selective adsorption materials and methods
Hydrocarbon storage
Fuel cell systems
Lithium ion batteries
Molecular electronics
Inks (e.g., inkjet, liquid electrophotographic (LEP), etc.)
Inkjet media
Thin film transistors
Electrophoretic display devices
BluRay® materials
Shape memory materials

Life Sciences
Inkjet-based inhalers and medicament dispensers
Safety features for the inhalers/medicament dispensers
Cutaneous administration systems
Devices for pharmaceutical delivery
Microfluidic devices with thin-film electronic devices
Dose forms
Assaying devices
Tissue engineering materials

Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
Pressure vessels
Ion propulsion
Sensors and actuators
Metal forming and cutting
Solar power conversion panels
Electrical power network control
Axles and drivelines
Heat to electrical power conversion
Heat exchangers
Climate control systems

Information Technology
Track and trace
Security printing and authentication
Encryption methods
Document workflows
Anti-counterfeiting methods and systems
Communications and telematics systems

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